Unique location

As the last remaining country estate in Amsterdam, Huize Frankendael is one of the city’s top 10 monumental buildings. Its appeal goes far and beyond its history as nowadays you can celebrate your birthday, organize a dinner or get married here. All the salons and rooms throughout the house are open to the public! Festivities can be arranged at Huize Frankendael for between 10 and 300 persons.

Slow Food Gastronomy

Receptions and diners are taken care of by our restaurant Merkelbach. Merkelbach serves high quality food while completely endorsing Slow Food values.

Thousand-and-one possibilities

A garden opera, a dinner for 300 people in view of the house or a “Hollandse Nieuwe” herring party. The possibilities are endless at Huize Frankendael; all sorts of new ideas are considered.


Every party is personal, which is why we are on hand to discuss your individual needs with you in depth. Please send an email to info@huizefrankendael.nl for an appointment.